Lodge History

In the winter of 1969 a small group of brothers from Steadfast Lodge #683, Belize City, Belize who were residing in New York traveled to the home of Bro. Hendicott Coye, Where the Steadfast Committee of New York was born.  The Purpose of that committee was to help brothers traveling from Belize and steadfast lodge # 683 in any way they saw fit.

In January  of 1978, the Worshipful Master of Steadfast Lodge #683, Dalton Usher empowered the founders of the committee to act as the representatives of Steadfast Lodge # 683 working under the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge of Jacksonville Florida under the guidance of the Illustrious Grand Master. Dr. Rudolph Bradley 33°.

November 20, 1979 the committee secretary wrote the grand master of masons, PHA, Miami , Florida requesting advice as to the legality of the committee. Grand Master Rudolph Bradley advised the committee to apply for affiliation in a prince hall lodge near to their residences, because it was improper to enter another jurisdiction and work as a committee without sanction of the grand master in that jurisdiction.

In 1987 the committee met with  Most Worshipful Solomon Wallace, Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons in the state of New York and made known their wishes to be a part of the prince hall family in New York. The grand master suggested that they petition a lodge of their choice for membership.

Upon receiving demits from Steadfast Lodge #683, the committee petitioned Tuscan Lodge #58 for membership, but by this time the committee had grown too large for Tuscan lodge to accommodate. So the committee immediately redoubled its efforts, after speaking with Grand Master Solomon Wallace and with the blessings of Most Worshipful Grand Master Washington of the Florida jurisdiction decided to form a new lodge.

On January 24, 1988, the committee met and chose the name Epiphany. Then the following April, April 2, 1988 to be exact, after many months of exhaustive work, the committee came to an end and Epiphany Lodge U.D.. came into being.

R.W. Esteban Castillo, D.D.G.M. guided epiphany through its U.D. status and reported to the grand master that Epiphany Lodge U.D. had met all the requirements of the grand lodge  and was ready to receive its charter

On a glorious Saturday afternoon, March 11, 1989, witnessed by over 300 Master Masons, Epiphany Lodge # 121 received its charter from M.W. Solomon Wallace , Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the State of New York.

The first principal officers installed were Henry Nunez – Worshipful Master, Ralston Coye – Senior Warden , Ralph Carr- Junior Warden , Charles Smith- treasurer and Charles Tucker – Secretary.

At the conclusion of the impressive ceremonies, tokens of appreciation were given to M.W. Solomon Wallace G.M. andM.W. Fred Parris D.G.M.. for their assistance and guidance,    M.W. Estaban  Castillo D.D.G.M. for his untiring efforts in preparing epiphany for the occasion and M.W. George savage D.D.G.L. for the patience and efforts he gave in preparation for chartering .

Epiphany  lodge  # 121 blazed a trail in New York’s 2nd district for its elegance in ritualistic work and comradeship, That same level of brotherhood , devotion and comradeship ,is carried on by the current brethren of Epiphany Lodge. Epiphany boasts having a number of its founding fathers still, as pillars of the lodge and active members, They provide guidance and strength to those who follow in their footsteps. They have helped to instill in all the brethren the responsibility to ever guard and maintain the high quality of Freemasonry in Epiphany Lodge # 121.

For our epiphany is the intuitive realization of the divine nature of our  being and the constant effort to achieve the pinnacle of a divine brotherhood.


Resident Historian and Founding Father

P.M. Kelvin Massiah

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